Talking coffee!

  • Just an easy Tiramisu
    As a coffee lover of course I also love a good, creamy tiramisu. For years I only enjoyed them when going out but since for the last months we have not been able to dine out here in the Netherlands I had to find an easy recipe to prepare this delicious dessert at home. Here […]
  • Hybrid Processes
    Hybrid processes are basically a combination of natural and wet processing though the exact methodology varies per region. This combination will bring together the economic benefits of the natural process with the speed of the wet process. For the coffee cup the hybrid process results in a better body than for washed coffees but cleaner […]
  • The Washed process (or Wet Process or Lavado)
    The first step in the process is that the coffee cherries are sorted either by hand on tables or by placing them in a flotation tank where the ripe cherries will sink and the unripe ones will float. The next stage is the so-called depulping where the coffee cherry is split and squeezed to remove […]
  • Coffee tour in Antwerp
    Antwerp is not only an important port in Europe but also the World’s Largest Coffee port. There are 45000 tons of green coffee in stock in the port at any given moment. Since this amount of coffee is not consumed in Belgium, Antwerp is an important point for transport of beans to the rest of […]
  • Processing coffee
    The coffee that we enjoy so much is prepared from the roasted seeds of a fruit. What we call a coffee bean is in reality a seed nestled inside a coffee cherry. These cherries are at their sweetest when they are ripe. They should then be picked from the plant and processed as soon as […]