You would like to have a professional espresso machine but you simply don’t have the total amount to buy one? Engrano is official dealer of Expobar espresso machines and with us you can buy a machine following a short term lease agreement. You pay the machine in a fixed amount of monthly payments to us and the only requirements we have is that we can collect the payments using direct debit, and that you for the duration of the agreement buy at least 1 kg of coffee per month from us. As soon as the machine is paid to us you’re the full owner of the machine and you have no more obligations to us, though we would of course love to see that you keep buying our coffee. But nothing is compulsory here!

On this page some examples of the monthly cost are shown based on preselected machines and grinders in combination with 1 kg coffee per month.

Would you rather have another machine from Expobar? That’s possible of course. Just drop us a line on what machine you would like and we can make you an offer.

Basic package:

€165/month for 12 months

Home barista package:

€165/month for 18 months

Restaurant package:

€165/month for 24 months