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Highland arabica coffee from Zamora-Chinchipe, Ecuador, with a medium body, high fruity acidity and sweetness.


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In the far south of Ecuador at only a few kilometers of the Peruvian border theĀ  Garcia family run 3 coffee plantations. One of the plantations is in the Andes mountains in the province of Loja while the other 2 are on the Amazon side of the Andes in the province of Zamora-Chinchipe.
The plantations are real family projects; not only the Garcia family, but also several families of nearby hamlets help running the plantations. Every possible effort is made to grow, harvest and process the coffee as ecologically as possible by minimizing the use of water (for washed coffee) and machinery and only using natural fertilizer.
Our coffee comes from the highest of the two plantations in Zamora-Chinchipe and when we first tried it we were surprised by the fruity sweetness of the coffee.


Medium body, red orange acidity with sweetness like mango

Chito, Zamora-Chinchipe – Ecuador

1700 m

100% Tipica

Naturally dried

Fam. Garcia, Finca “La Hormiga”