Workshop “Choose your coffee”


Workshop and coffee tasting about coffee from tree to cup and all the factors that determine the taste of your cup of coffee and discover what your favourite taste is.

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Have you ever been in a store trying to choose some coffee different from what you usually drink, just to find out you cannot make up your mind? You read the back labels with lots of information, but it rather confuses than helps with information about body, after taste, varietals, process etc.

We’re going to help you out with this workshop by explaining and letting you taste the difference between:

  • The  difference between Robusta and Arabica and Arabica varietals
  • What is meant with the “process” of the coffee, what is “washed” and “naturally dried” and what difference does it make
  • What is body and aftertaste, high acidity and low acidity
  • What is the difference between light roast and dark roast

In this workshop we explain the road coffee takes from tree to cup and let you taste the different coffees.


Engrano Coffee Roasters
Middelsluissedijk Oostzijde 26
The Netherlands


  • Please choose the desired day and time from the dropdown list – be aware of the language!
  • The workshop is about 2 hours.
  • There is a minimum amount of 2 participants per time slot. If we do not have enough participants we will let you know the day before and deposit back your money
  • Our coffee roastery has neither heating nor air conditioning. So depending on the weather it may be either rather fresh or rather warm inside.