Coffee surprise


Coffee suprise. Depending on availability discounted coffee that we roasted too much.

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Our coffee roaster has a minimum capacity and so it occasionally happens that we therefore have to roast more of a certain coffee than we have to send out. Since our goal is to sell freshly roasted coffee we don’t want to just save this coffee and sell it the week after, or the week after…. but on the other hand we don’t want to throw it either and there is only so much coffee we can drink ourselves if we don’t want to go bouncing through the day.
Therefore we have this “coffee surprise”… we offer whatever we roasted too much for a reduced price, but only when it’s available and won’t be able to tell you in advanced what it is. It can be a single origin or a blend, but if you follow us on social media we will announce there if we have some available and what it exactly is.

We only sell the coffee surprise in bags of 250 grammes.