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Arabica coffee from Oaxaca state, Mexico, with a medium strong body, a hint of chocolate and a smooth fruity aftertaste.


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Oaxaca is by many considered the origin of chocolate from the times of the Zapotec empire, but nowadays there is more coffee than cacao in Oaxaca.
Our coffee is grown by independent farmers in the Mixteca mountains. In this inaccessible region coffee is grown on steep slopes and well protected against the sun by the shadow of different large species of trees. A result of the steep hills is that the coffee must be harvested by hand as no machines can access the slopes. The coffee is grown ecologically and processing is still done the artesan way: for instance, after washing, the coffee beans are not machine dried, but are left to dry in the sun on drying tables after which the coffee is packed in burlap bags. The harvest season is typically November and December.


Medium body with hints of chocolate. Mild fruity aftertaste

Guadalupe Miramar, Oaxaca, Mexico

1700 m

Tipica, Bourbon and Mundo Novo


Café Café de Oaxaca