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Lowland Arabica coffee from the coastal area of Ecuador. Medium body and low acidity with a slightly smokey taste but with a strong aftertaste and the aroma of peanuts.


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Within Ecuador, Manabí is the province known for its traditional kitchen, the hats that are incorrectly known as Panama hats, the coffee (it is the largest coffee growing area in the country) and last but not least the strong character of its inhabitants. This strong will was tested heavily after the last earthquake (2016) when the people had to work hard and long to rebuild their homes and their province.
Our coffee from Manabí is grown by the farmers cooperation “Las Maravillas” in the area around Jipiijapa, a small town not so far from the coast. Due to the micro climate around Jipijapa it is possible to grow high quality Arabica coffee here at an altitude of less than 500m above sea level.
This 100% Arabica coffee grows on clayey loam giving it a medium body with low acidity and a strong aftertaste. The coffee is still harvested by hand.

Medium strong with slightly smokey taste and a hint of peanut

Jipijapa, Manbi – Ecuador

500 m

100% Tipica

Naturally dried

Cooperación Las Maravillas