Highland Arabica coffee from slopes of the Andes mountains in Ecuador with a strong body and tones of blackberry and dark caramel.

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Halfway up the road from the coastal plains to the high mountain central valley is the town of Pallatanga. Here the Merino family started the Lugmapata coffee plantation and in the relatively short time they have been producing coffee with which they have managed to win several awards for their high quality coffee: Finca Lugmapata won in 2018 the prestigious Taza Dorada price for best coffee in Ecuador. The Merinos grow different Arabica varietals among which the classic Typica and Bourbon as well as Sarchimor and also Sidra: a varietal that originates from Ecuador.
And they’re not afraid to try new things given the fact that our coffee from Lugmapata is a natural anaerobic coffee. Hence, the whole coffee berries have been fermented with yeast in tanks before washing the beans out of the berries, giving the coffee a unique taste.

Strong body with tones of blackberries and dark caramel

Pallatanga, Chimborazo – Ecuador

1400 m

100% Sarchimor

Anaerobic Natural

fam Merino – Finca Lugmapata