Cariamanga Natural


Highland arabica coffee from Loja, Ecuador, with a strong body, complex taste and low acidity.

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The southern province of Loja is the oldest coffee growing area in Ecuador due to the perfect environment created by the Andes mountains: high plains, micro climate and sufficient rain. Our coffee from Loja grows just outside the small town of Cariamanga at an altitude of 1900m above sea level and is thus qualified as Strictly Hard Bean.
We actually have 2 coffees from Cariamanga of the same type, grown the same and from the same farmers, but processed in different ways. The Cariamanga Natural is a naturally dried coffee with a complex taste because the coffee berries where first left to dry after the harvest and only after that the beans were removed from the berries. During the drying, the juice of the coffee berries  gives the coffee its complex taste.


Strong with a hint of nutmeg and walnut and an aroma of cocoa

Cariamanga, Loja – Ecuador

1900 m

100% Tipica

Naturally dried

Cooperation of small farmers