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About me

Guadalupe Sierra

I'm born in Mexico City but lived most of my life in Ecuador. I am a civil engineering, a researcher and a coffee lover!
I obtained a Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering at the Catholic University of Guayaquil before working for several years as a building designer on the famous "Malecon 2000" project to improve the city's waterfront. I then decided to move back to Mexico to do a Master degree in Civil Engineering (something that was not possible in Ecuador) at the Nacional Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). After finishing my master study I stayed in Mexico and worked again as building designer. However, working in industry was not my thing and wanted to go back to studying once more. I looked for a PhD position at different universities all over the world and while doing so I met the man that is now my husband. This made the decision so much easier and I came to The Netherlands to start a PhD research on wood fibre reinforced concrete at Delft University of Technology while in the mean time running my coffee business. In December 2011 I received my PhD degree but I stayed at Delft University where I'm now working as a researcher on project involving self-healing concrete, while still running my coffee business.