Coffee farmer in Cariamanga, Loja

“Foreign coffee traders usually offer something like $2/kg for my entire harvest. By negotiating I may be able to increase that to $4/kg, which some years is just enough, and other years just not.”

— Coffee farmer in Loja, Ecuador

This is why Engrano does direct-trade. We know exactly how much the coffee farmer receives: the prices he asks for that we transfer directly to his bank account.

Guadalupe roasting coffee

We roast the coffee on demand and do not keep a stock of roasted coffee. Hence, your coffee always is freshly roasted. Furthermore, we roast our coffee just a bit lighter to bring forward the good taste.

This will give you the optimal taste sensation any time.

Preparing a double-shot espresso

We sell coffee to consumers through our webshop and our sales points.
But we also deliver coffee to catering industry (horeca), if necessary including an espressso machine as Engrano is dealer of Expobar espresso machines.