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lupitaI’m born in Mexico City but lived most of my life in Ecuador. I am a civil engineering, a researcher and a coffee lover!
I obtained a Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering at the Catholic University of Guayaquil before working for several years as a building designer on the famous “Malecon 2000” project to improve the city’s waterfront. I then decided to move back to Mexico to do a Master degree in Civil Engineering (something that was not possible in Ecuador) at the Nacional Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). After finishing my master study I stayed in Mexico and worked again as building designer. However, working in industry was not my thing and wanted to go back to studying once more. I looked for a PhD position at different universities all over the world and while doing so I met the man that is now my husband. This made the decision so much easier and I came to The Netherlands to start a PhD research on wood fibre reinforced concrete at Delft University of Technology while in the mean time running my coffee business. In December 2011 I received my PhD degree but I stayed at Delft University where I’m now working as a researcher on project involving self-healing concrete, while still running my coffee business.

2 thoughts on “About me….

  1. Hola Lupita,

    Soy Alvaro Garcia. Estoy en Delft con JongSuk, te acuerdas de el? tenemos un coche y… habiamos pensado visitarte manana por la tarde.

    Andaras por ahi?

    1. No puede ser que recien veo este mensaje!! Pero no estaba en esos dias, justo el 28 viaje a Mexico. Supongo que estabas por la reunion en Delft. Bueno, que no vuelva a pasar. ya te envio un email con mis datos.

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